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LLC “Avesta” (till 1988 – factory galvanized dishes, till 2002 plant “Iskra”) produce galvanized steel products from 1949.
This is not only in the region but also in Ukraine are not so many regions that are rhythmically give their workers work salaries and the budget – taxes. No exception to this rule and Gaysinskiy area. General economic crisis like the plague, and walked in this area. As a result, leaders of production, working gradually began to stop, and it’s a day when they completely ceased their activities. This is also their objective and subjective reasons. But along with giant-plants in the new economic conditions joined team LLC “Avesta”. Although the purchasing power of our citizens continues to fall even after the introduction of the national currency, but there are goods, without which life in manufacturing and can not do. Take, for example, conventional bucket. Is it possible to farm without farmers? Ofcourse not. For desired bucket to bring water to water cattle and, ultimately, to live without it impossible.
Pidmicheno was right that our products just need citizens under any economic conditions, and such as were our fellow citizens. Today we release goods fifteen items, such as galvanized metal buckets with different sizes, round tubs, bins for rubbish …
Posudohospodarski galvanized steel products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of International Standard ISO 3277 with Ukraine galvanized rolled sheet for the needs of the economy and for export.
The body products made from steel GOST 14918, wire fixtures – GOST 3287.
For mounting fixtures used galvanized steel rivets GOST 10304. The stiffness of the hull performance products provided special ribs with the correct form and are clear throughout.
For products over capacity 50l body rigidity is provided in the rolling-wire and board stiffeners.
The shape of the bottom flat, conical body, side pidkocheni,
To seal the joints using sealing paste. Marking written at the bottom of articles.
When packaging products fit into one another to form the stop.
Warranty period – 12 months.
But the plant is known not only thanks distribution network providing these goods.
Consumers know us even thanks to the production of metal lids for canning at home and in the industrial sector. Unlike many related, says competing enterprises, we produce not only great cover, but small.
LLC “Avesta” – is not just a kind of semi-artisan production, which decided to gather the cream, then go to produce something else. Adjusted relationships with suppliers have delivered the required number of rubber, chalk, talc, and earned another shop. One of the conditions for the stable operation of the plant is strict observance of technological discipline. It is well understand what may turn out to tens of thousands of kind of error in their work. If the wound conservation will “rip” it’s not so bad, but when, God forbid, as a result of oxidation of the product during interactions with metal or rubber band will begin irreversible processes that cause acute illness, it is a tragedy. To this happens, all products are tested in laboratories Regional Arbitration sanitation.
Economic instability state – is undoubtedly a tragedy, but it turns out that this is also a positive thing. Another feature of the product – cover for both industrial and domestic. This is quite a significant thing for the consumer often buys the goods and then complains that the key is “takes”, if not arrayed on the cover. This is because at the cannery twist made by technical means, which is not done at home ..
So, in cents consists of capital for reconstruction of plant for production of covers. However, this prospect, but it seems that is not so and far.
In the main shops, the plant is a subsidiary. One of the leading – mechanical repair specialists who perform almost all major renovations of current lines, and charged them not so little – more than sixty species.

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