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Metal lids for canning, except for sealing and storage of twists, is also an effective way to attract customers.
After all, everyone knows that the goods on the counter is often met by “garments”.
Sales statistics show: a beautifully designed product in bright and colorful package sold much better than a similar product under primitive lid.
Aesthetic, high quality cover any conservation – both fashionable and stylish clothes “haute couture”. With its help, you can transfer the product into a higher price category and significantly diversify its own product range.
LLC “Avesta” offers a canning lids RMS with crown neck type and diameter of 58 mm and 82 intended for industrial and home canning.
“The design of the” RMS is simple. The cover consists of a cap with lacquered tin and rubber sealing rings own production. Tightness is ensured by conservation ribs running roller cover.

Consumer properties lids “Avesta”:

  • Sealed and security
  • Strength
  • Ease of use
  • The possibility of multicolour lithography application of corporate style
  • The quality and durability

Technical indicators on the lids “Avesta” for industrial preservation:

  • Cover I82 with index 3 is made of tin tinned EZHK, tin covering class not less than 2 (5.6 g / m2), two-sided coating 5.0.

Technical indicators on the cover “Avesta” for home canning:

  • Covers made of tinned tin, tin coating grade not lower than 1 (2.8 g / m2), two-sided coating 3.5.
  • Caps made according to THAT 24721282.001-2000 and delivered in paper or shrink package of 50 and 500 pieces.

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